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ModelsPackageIo(A)VRRM(V)IFSM(A)VFM(V)Reference drawing
MBF SeriesMBF0.5~1.050~1000V301.1
ABS SeriesABS0.5~3.0600~1000V30~600.92~1.1
KBP SeriesKBP2.0~3.0600~1000V50~601.1
D3K SeriesD3K3.0~6.0600~1000V60~1751.1
GBU SeriesGBU4.0~10.0600~1000V135~2301.1
KBJ SeriesKBJ4.0~10.0600~1000V150~2501.1
GBJ SeriesGBJ8.0~35.0600~1000V180~4001.05
Schottky LOW VF SeriesTO-27710.0~15.045~100V175~2250.45~0.68
Schottky MBR SeriesTO(ITO)-220AB10.0~40.045~100V110~2000.75~1.00
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Green Lighting

Green Lighting

Small Household Appliances

Small Household Appliances

Medical Electronics

Medical Electronics

Power Supply Products

Power Supply Products

Automotive electronics / Digital

Automotive electronics / Digit

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